Jade Helm

Jade Helm
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Specializing in Vineyards and Rural Residential


How in the world did this Georgia peach wind up in Oregon with vineyard dust on her boots?

The short answer is through a passion for food and wine, curiosity about the places and people that produce them, and good fortune. I am a book nerd, wine geek, locavore before it was cool, with farmgirl dreams and 15+ years in sales and marketing. What does this mean for you? I’m a fan of farmers and countryside. I’ll respect your criteria and help you find the right property or buyer. I dig in and get things done. You will get frequent progress reports, attention to detail, and a commitment to fulfill promises. I am a wine industry professional. I am well-versed in vineyard requirements. Hiring me to help you buy or sell a vineyard, or property with vineyard potential, taps into my personal network of contacts. Looking to buy or sell rural residential? I specialized in residential real estate in the past. When marketing your property, or helping you search, I will pay attention to the importance you place on your home.